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 This website represents a project where art meets history. It is a work in progress by a family of Melanated history fans: The Crutchfield family. We wanted to provide our readers with a small but fascinating journey through the world of well-known and lesser well-known Melanated Americans who have had profound effects on all of our lives. This online library is not meant to be encyclopedic, but, rather,  a introductory and informative appetizer to invite all history fans to take a deeper look at Melanated American  
This is a work in progress. Because of the difficulty in obtaining high-quality photographs on which to base our photo-realistic paintings, some artistic liberties were taken.   
We always welcome constructive criticism on any way we can improve the quality of this online library. Our commitment is to provide our visitors with a blue-ribbon experience.
We will start our collection with an eclectic mix of scientists, musicians, activists, educatiors, political figures and many more. If you have additional requests, please let us know, and we will see what we can do.
Eventually, we may be offering these paintings, in very limited quantities, as the highest quality limited edition prints of their kind, ever produced. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates so you will be the first to know.
For now, please enjoy.


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